Every morning the sun pierces my eyes provoking them to open

Each day presenting me an opportunity to rise and shine

Though obscurity hangs over me daily

Tired of being judged for my attire

And told at interviews I don’t meet the requirements

Suspected of being a suspect and a threat

When I am just simply walking down the street

Minding my own business hoping to own one one day

Dreams crushed from the nightmares of reality

Modern day fallacies from government assistance

Everything is not alright

I just want the opportunity to gain all of my needs

Give me a fair shot instead of shooting me

Present to me a way out instead of putting me in jail

Show me a better lifestyle instead of hiding the best from me

I just need one chance…

I promise I won’t blow it like my

Cousin did on your breathalyzer

I assure I won’t mess it up like my

Mom messed up her Section 8 house y’all put her in

I vow to take advantage of your grants and not the system

Please, stop looking at my color and look at my character

Instead of perceiving me as one…

Give me a fair chance…


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