Consistent v.s Persistent


Thoroughly some of us work daily

In relationships, friendships, on jobs, careers and goals

Brick by brick building something we plan to be proud of

Sealing it with our concrete uniformed steady actions…

But what happens when in actuality when dramatic scenes

Tackle the unvarying actions that you’ve carried without tarrying unchanging…

Many of us abandon…

Miss out because we can’t dish out…

But always willing to take

Left a relationship too soon

Left a job to late

Left a church not realizing every church has someone who

Says they love but actually shows hate

Many of us have no problems or even solving them

When times are good

But after the storm represents who absolutely withstood

And who and what you should… marvel and stick close to..

I would rather keep and old dull spoon to eat with

Than to have a silver one that bends after one meal is fixed

There is nothing wrong with being consistent

Which is what most of us are used to…

But let’s now focus on being persistent

Can you weather the storm?

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