Millions of consumers go to thousands of producers

Dragging our families into this fallacy

For material things.. Material gain

Moments after we are supposed to be thankful for one another

We’re fighting over TVs and taking carts from a brother

That’s looking for the same products as we

Because the govern (control) mint(money) has planted a seed

Of you saving some currency on the current scene



The only ones that truly benefit are the ones handing out benefits

Merchandise 50% percent off may lower the cost

But it costs to be the boss…

What company would have you gain so they could take a loss?

You may be scrambling while standing in line

But Wall Street is controlled chaos


If it’s 20 dollars to make a pair of shoes and you sell it for 200

Even at 50% off how would your company plummet?

Because everyone is buying them for this certain amount

So it’s a definite this deficit is easy to surmount

So based on this count..

Where is your discount?


A discount is a deduction from the normal amount of something higher

So they are targeting a certain group of unprivileged buyers

They gave you the money to spend so they know what you have

And you still end up broke because they know what you had

And your mind set… because your mind is set on gaining more

So they sell it for less so you would have to say yes…


I have a small secret that they hope I wouldn’t tell

And they may come after me but I’m not scared

Dis means away or apart

So the products they’re selling you have been selected from the start

It was an overstock!


Count means the total number of something

So your “discount” is deducted from your pocket with each purchase

It’s the legal way to say the word scam in my day

But get the products while they’re hot!

Happy Black Friday!

Have a nice day…



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