There used to be a time where I thought no one deserved me

Now I feel like I am never deserving

Day in and day out I am constantly working

Breaking my back for cash that only goes towards the

Bills as I climb this hill called life

A break or at least love and appreciation would be nice

From a fellow coworker,  family member or even a friend

But I guess my flowers won’t be given to me until the end

My legacy is ahead of me

I’m nothing at the moment

Because right now it seems like no one wants to be bothered

With me so I have no choice but to be socially awkward

When I’m gone people will reminisce over

The moments that owned it then I will finally be noticed

Renowned appreciated praised and maybe even quoted

On how I told it how I’ve known it and the love that I’ve shown

The sacrifices the sleepless nights and the prayers unknown

So when my spirit ascends and I am no longer in any form earthly

That’s when I will be worthy

That’s when I’ll be deserving…


Am I? 10247387_512301305563015_7129432787287336548_n

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