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Lately,  I have been looking at American Prison Systems.  I have researched the conditions in which prisoners live, what they are afforded to and the things they have access to while they are locked away.

I have to say that I believe prison is supposed to be a place that makes you think about what you have done and a place that is going to help you rehabilitate your mind to be released back into society as a model citizen.

We treat prison like an extreme timeout where many things are taken away, (which some things should be) and disrespect is a norm.

I understand there are many programs and such in prisons, but many have been taken away, so many who desire to do things don’t have the opportunity such as school, a trade or learning something new.

What is your take on how prison should be? Let’s talk!!!

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  • Tamara Posted July 23, 2016 10:51 am

    A prison should be a place where the person thinks about what they have done and they should want to do better. Some people in prison have the life sentence and is never getting out. Just because a person have a certain amount of years in prison doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to do better when they get out. They might think they’re doing better when they get out but honestly they’re not. All prisons are different, certain things are allowed and some aren’t. When having visitation, dress code and how far or close you can sit to your loved one.

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