Born with a heart of gold

Would give his last to the

First person in need

This is me… but sadly

The world is only full

Of a handful like me

Constantly give and never gather

Constantly sacrifice but when

I need people scatter

Trying to reach a goal

Not asking for a dime

Only support and shares

Maybe encouragement and love

But the things that don’t cost a thing

And the things that really matter

I do not receive…

Humiliated from what I though was tight bonds

Got what you wanted or needed now you don’t respond

Sometimes the ones you love are the ones that hinder

Especially if they have nothing for you to render

Just pretenders… leeches… bloodsuckers

Itching for everything they want out of you

But never wiling to scratch your back

But when God finds favor…

I’ll return the favor

I have to go forward

Since from my sacrifices

For people…

I have gotten to the point

Of no return


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