Isaiah 64:8-12The Message (MSG)

8-12 Still, God, you are our Father.
    We’re the clay and you’re our potter:

I have never taken a pottery class before, but I have seen it done many times. The patience of the Potter and the precision. Every lump not wanted the Potter smoothed the clay out and shapes it into the desired piece. Sometimes even… the Potter will smash the clay all the way down and build it again.

God does the same with us!!!

However, there is one more thing I wanted to show you. You see the clay is on a stand and the Potter spins the wheel to shape it and build it up.

It’s the same with God!!! Whether you know it or not… everytime you turn around he’s blessing you!

I dare you to let God mold you and shape you. Do like the clay. Don’t fight. Don’t complain. Just let God work! Be blessed!

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