Many of us in today’s world think about love in various ways.  Many of us say it’s an action or love is a sacrifice.  Still, many of us think it’s showing you care for someone .  I want to know… What is love to you?


This is actually two discussions in one.

For the grown and mature I ask also.  What is making love?  Is there a difference between having sex and making love?  Please explain.  Let’s talk!

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  • Derrick Lofton Posted June 10, 2016 3:19 pm

    Love is an acrion word. Love does instead of says. I can say that I love someone all day. However, if I perhaps never show tokens of my love to them, then is the word love useless. Making love to a wife is passionate and strong. Sex is just a feeling that only last but for a moment. When u make love u take your time and you five your spouse the best of you. That’s what love is all about . Giving the other person the best of yourself. That’s what Jesus did on the cross. He gave us the best of him. Now that’s love! Yall be blessed.

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