I have yet to find a person that has never lied

Nor without a secret

I have yet to find an individual who hasn’t done

Someone else wrong

Just like all have dealt with some type of demon

We are all dealt different hands

Born into different environments

We later call neighborhoods

Associating ourselves with what we call friends

Most times depending on how much we see them

And how we seem to relate to one another

Some are born into money

But many of us aren’t

Many have silver spoons

And some of us eat with our fingers

No matter the meal

On our jobs some have been promoted with time

Or on the account of kissing up

And some will never be noticed no matter how

Hard they work

Many of us achieve easily

Some will never because we don’t believe

Many of us treat life like a game

But it’s nothing to play with

But they do similar…

In order to advance

You first must master

The level you are on

Would be best not to

Use cheat codes…

You may miss something important


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