To whom may discover it…




I woke up this morning feeling down

World turned upside down

Cost of living making me think

About ending it all just so

I wouldn’t have to pay to live

Ignored by those who say they love me

Until they need me or want something

Hand-picked by others when

They want an advantage or to take advantage of me

Never a thought of how I feel or

What is driving my anger

To make me seem crazy

So I turned numb

I could hear the echoes of my won heartbeat

Thinking of a thousand ways to die

Didn’t need to be anything special

Since I wasn’t

So I simply overdosed

Because living had become too much for me

I only wanted to be accepted

I only wanted to be a writer

I only wanted to…

Maybe I wanted too much

Being a little spot in this world full

Of people who are full of themselves

Me dead or alive is about the same

I have no significance either way

I’d rather burn in hell for eternity

Than live fake moments with fake people

To those who actually cared…

I couldn’t tell honestly

I hope you cherish those

You care about like you said you did me

Even more and show it

Maybe now… you will.


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