Crushed by those who say they love me

Friends with those who disrupt me

Pushed by those who  me

To the side whom I also bed over

Backwards for and with no Vaseline

They fuck me

That’s my story, I know horror

A horrible origin to be molded in

Which is why I have to asked daily

For God to make me whole again

Because I wake up broken…

Been in relationships to where

Someone always had to rock the boat

Felt like a dictatorship

Because it was only right when she spoke

Had friends and family whom I have now

Made my enemy because they

Were never really with me from the beginning

And I saw it for myself when I was

Introduced to the inner me

A vivid scene…

Most find me vicious.. mean

But unless you’re talking about my lyrics

You’re fictitious please look up

What vicious means

I’m a king

Royalty looking for loyalty

From a few faithful servants

To stand side by side with him in battle

And capacity in which he serves in…


All I am asking for is a few true people in my life

A couple of people to support me and actually be there for me

Some people that won’t mess me over and screw me

Can I count on you?

Don’t lie to me…


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  • kiesha Posted December 6, 2015 3:06 am

    Love this piece

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