Water and cereal for breakfast

Baloney sandwich for lunch

Sausage sandwich for dinner

Not knowing where the newt meal

Is going to come from because

Food stamps won’t be on be on the

Card until a certain date

Walking in the blind are we by faith…


Children wearing the latest fashions

But almost grown with no knowledge

Still being taken care of like they’re

In the earliest stages of childhood

Outfits don’t reflect their grades

Wearing things that cost more

Than they will ever know.

Intelligently dressed stupid…


Getting degrees but still can’t find a job

What you know doesn’t matter anymore

It’s who you know and how well you can

Kiss their ass

They might as well put that on the

Applications as a special skill

Lowering and debasing your

Highest quality workers…


Supporting people you don’t know

Doubting those you do know

Saying they will never make it

But they have had you been a little more

Optimistic with them… who knows?

The world we live in now is backwards

What’s really going on?


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