Monica:  Look at me…. I have so much but  I have nothing. Gained everything and lost nothing. Tyrell… that bastard.  Took everything from me! Didn’t want to be with me!?! Wanted Nicole!?! And now he makes it seem like he has no one!?! Well, I have a little surprise for him…

(Tyrell’s phone rings)

Tyrell:  Hello?

Desiree:  Hey sexy, what going on? What are you doing?

Tyrell:  Relaxing while the kids are at school.  What’s up?

Desiree:  I was trying to see you if I could after work.  I was going to workout and then work you out if you know what I mean.

Tyrell:  Sweetheart, can we make this for another time? I want to spend time with my kids, unless you think it’s time for ya’ll to meet.

Desiree:  Isn’t that what I have been begging  you for?

Tyrell:  Well, how about you come to dinner tonight?  We are going to Schavelli’s on Bradley Ave.  Say, meet us there at 7 so I can introduce you?

Desiree:  Yes, that sounds perfect.  I’m so excited!  See you all then!

Tyrell:  Alright bae.  Bye.

(Later that night)

Tyrell:  Kids! Are you ready?  We re going to be late!

T.J.:  Dad how are we going to be late when it’s just us?

Tyrell:  I have something for you all to see.

Monica:  did you get me a car finally!?!

Tyrell:  Yea, a hotwheels.

Monica:  Now I see where I get my smart mouth from

Tyrell:  Yea, your mother, but let’s go

(Tyrell, T.J. and Monica arrive at the restaurant)

Waiter: Good Evening, my name is Chad,  I will be your waiter for this evening. What can I get you all to drink?

Monica:  Can I get a sprite?

T.J.:  May I have a coke?

Tyrell:  May I have water please?

Waiter:  Sprite, coke and water, got it.  Be right back.

Monica:  So where is our surprise daddy?

(Tyrell pulls out his phone)

Tyrell:  I haven’t gotten a response…

T.J.:  So it’s a woman!?! Man I’m gone!

Tyrell:  T.J. wait!  Son!  Talk to me!

(Tyrell runs after T.J.)

Tyrell:  T.J.,  I have been lonely for years okay.  Even since the situation happened years ago, I have done nothing but raise ya’ll, but what happens after ya’ll go to college? I’ll be alone.  I just want you guys to meet the woman who is gong to keep me company and I hope to marry.  Son, no one can ever replace your mother, but I can’t sit and grieve for the rest of my life either.  Please son, give me this much at least.

T.J. :  Okay,  I’m sorry dad.  It’s just…. we never knew her and you never wanted to talk about her.

Tyrell:  How about tomorrow when you all get out of school?

Monica:  So, ya’ll just gone leave me siting at the table?  Rude!  Our food is here!

Tyrell:  Baby, we didn’t order anything….

Waiter:  Someone called in a special order for you all.  A steak and potatoes on a silver platter

(Waiter opens the platter)

Tyrell:  Oh my God!!!!!  Desiree… No…. T.J. Take your sister to the car okay….

T.J.  Daddy… was this who we were supposed to meet…

Tyrell:  Just do what I said okay!!!!

Monica:  Daddy…

Tyrell:  Go!!!!

Waiter:  I’m so sorry sir… I’ll call the police right away.  Again I am so sorry.

(“Tyrell picks up the note on the platter and reads)

” She was so pretty.  I see why you chose her.  She was a fighter just like you. Nice display of a head and heart isn’t it?  You can take it home if you like.  I would prefer a doggy bag to put it in for you.  I am sorry she was ever involved with you.  She really did have a bright future.  Metaphor?  Oh yea,  charge this to my head and not my heart


Tyrell:  I’m going to get that bitch if it’s the last thing I do…

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