She’s “rooted” within me. When hard times arise in our lives, she deepens into my soul. Hard winds blow to and fro, but I am able to stand strong because of her.  She provides for me like no other in order for me to survive.  Yes, without her, I am nothing. She is the reason I “grow”.  When rain falls, she shelters me. She never “leaves” me.
I will never find another like her. There are many that look like her, but are all simply copies “scattered” all over. I could easily “pick” her out of a bouquet, a bushel or a patch, for she shines a special shine above all of the rest. When the sun hits her, her features are magnified as she “blossoms” with beauty. Excuse me. I began to get excited thinking about it.  Let me “settle”. Mmmmmmm. What a blessing….
Her “natural essence” is intoxicating. Her “soil” is rich and I know I have sown into good, “fertile ground.” I reap a great “harvest” from doing so. I have learned that her thorns are not a defense mechanism, but they are instructions for me to know how to hold her just right. She is always open and always loving.
She is the light of my life and the apple of my eye. She is motivation for me daily to keep a smile, for I am a representation of her. People see me and see her.  People see her and see me. For we were “planted” the same as “seedlings” but “sprouted” as different genders.  However, the winds “slipped” up and landed us in the same grass. Nevertheless we are one mind, body and spirit occupying two different organisms, and that is why we have daily experiences of  “photo-synthesis.”

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