I found that I I lost

The best thing I ever had

I lost my angel

She descended to me some years ago

Landed right in my arms

God granted me a gift I took for granted

I did everything I could to lose her

Then everything I could to get her back

My biggest fan… my right hand

That used to love to hold my hands

Acting like a boy when I should have been her man

She’s happy now

That’s all that matters

It doesn’t matter what happens to me

Even in the latter

But I can’t do this anymore

My ink has started to skip

Words aren’t coming anymore

So I have to go

Where?  I don’t know

Because right now my heart doesn’t have a home

So I walk away with an erased memory

I was never a man

I was never a poet

Even if there were some good times

In all of these bad things that went on

Because of the pain to get to them

Because of who and what I have to recall

I will leave it all be…

Everyone is happy so….

I will not mention again

I will not come back to this desk

I will not pick up this pen again

The fire has been extinguished

Sol is no more

Don;t try to remind me

Because I don’t want to remember

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