A matchless capacity no one can fathom
My brain…
Often confused with a galaxy but galaxies have barriers
Women wonder how I make women wonder
Because men are supposed to play the games but they have us figured out so on Facebook you see them often say “board/bored”
So calm me a dog!
Loyal, royal boy oh boy
Are you done for coming against me
Because instantly I will have you lost
In a sauce so you burn like outer space
That was an impregnated thought
Jizzed in your uterus
Yea I’m fly that why
I was able to sauce her/ saucer!

Hiding behind absurd words ensuring I leave people perturbed freak old genius at work heathen of words fulfilling the meaning of jerk because I was never chicken to push the limits even if it hurts…

I’m not afraid…

You call it a miracle
I call it mercy
When I see the lame walk
When I hear the mute talk
When the deaf hear and the blind can see

He can do anything with anything because he is everything and nothing is possible without him… Impossible to doubt him. Improbable you’ll bout with him. He’s unstoppable. You’ll tap out to him. He’ll make you give up and you don’t even have to be down. 

The king with no crown
The voice with no sound
The spirit with not just feeling of yesterday or tomorrow but he’s here now

He is God. Do you know him

I was called strange as a kid
An alien…
Out of this world
An air head
I guess I am out of control
I can’t even keep up with me
What is up with me
God…. Who… What…
Am I?

I wish I knew you had a man
I would have never pursued you
You loved my attention
He paid everything to you but that huh
And yet you feel you owe me nothing
Not even an explanation
Nice replica of a pure heart
Had me fooled for a while

Man I’m random… Or am I… I don’t know.

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