I remember all of the days

We were by each other’s side

Never looking back

Always pressing forward

Keeping each other in line

Understanding the vents

Giving one another new air

Laughing through cries

And sometimes crying when

We laugh

Easing the struggles and

Struggling to make life easier

For one another

Now… you have gone on

And I am off to bigger things

But I shall never forget what we had

You are forever in my heart

And you are always with me in spirit

I love you always

But I have to let you

Rest in peace

May the tears that fall from my face

Quench the thirst of growing

Dreams implanted in the minds of millions

May the echoes of my empty heart

Beat the rhythm of a beautiful song

To sing over you forevermore

I love you…

Rest in peace


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  • latrice Posted May 12, 2015 1:25 pm

    I love this

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