Life has thrown many jabs at me

But I think God punched the clock too

Soon on the one that raised me

A fatal blow to me indeed…

Yet there is a time for everything

Still I don’t think it’s fair

We can’t go to the fair anymore

I may sound selfish in saying

Why him and not another

So excuse me if I offend anyone

But he paved the way for me

And on his shoulders I stand

So he literally under-stood me

But now…

Laughter is no more

No more pictures and silly debates

No more drives just to drive

Or looking at women and fantasizing

No more slogans for me to steal

Because he was taken away from me…

I know you can’t come to me anymore


I know one day I’ll be where you are

Notice I never said goodbye

I’ll see you when I get there.

I love you

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