I know in life I have a mission

And everyone else has a mission too

Some people’s mission is going behind

Your back plotting against you

It’s funny how you ask someone to

Do something and you wait and ask

Again and they say that they were fixing to…

Screwing your mind with lies

Hindering  your dreams with contraceptives

Acting sweet but they would desert

You in the desert

They tell you face reality

But it’s only their perception

Because they’re waiting for you to fall

Hissing behind you with gossip

Like you can’t hear them at all

Including your name in things you’re not even involved

You’re pushing and they’re pulling

Hoping their disguise doesn’t rip off

Trying to poison you  with a venom

Of confusion causing distraught

They sleep at night but you can’t because of your thoughts

You have to make big decisions

Headaches are splitting

They’re supposed to tell you everything

But some things they forgot to mention

Rattling your brain trying to figure out

Who’s on your side

And you see they’re kind of

Then you see they are a snake and you

Side-step for them to pass

Crotalus cerastes

Good thing it wasn’t a sidewinder


  • R.Rivas Posted February 18, 2015 3:45 am

    Your perspective on this topic is very detailed and on point. I

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