Where do you go when it seems like you’re not welcomed anywhere… When there is no home for you in your own town of birth and it’s summer but everyone gives you a cold shoulder? What do you do when the ones you love turn their backs and you don’t know which way is forward? Who do you turn to when even the love of your life says they don’t care? I didn’t ask for this… Is there really sunshine after rain or just more clouds for my mind to bare… Is there really a place for me in this world or do I get in where I fit? Do I really fit or do I have to force myself into a spot by being a certain way in order to be accepted? Even rejects are accepted somewhere, so what does that make me because I was rejected from the rejects. A misfit I suppose. I’m that toy that got pulled off the assembly line. That nut that wasn’t good enough to be a m&m. What do I do now? Can anyone hear me? Can anyone muster a sound from my screaming soul as I smash my fists against the walls of desire faster than my own heartbeat? I cry now… I… Sigh now… And now I’m numb. With no intestinal fortitude to smile nor give anyone the curse from the sight of my face or the sound of my voice. You may think I have gone off the deep end but honestly it’s just that I hurt so deep there is no end. Again, can anyone hear me… I need someone to come and see about me.

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