Long Road To The ALTAR


Shakir’s life is a mess. His long association with crime, drugs and alcohol dependency means that he has drifted into a life of wrongdoing and ultimately lost the thing which was most precious to him of all. His entire family; wife, son and daughter.
Riddled with addiction, he is imprisoned for his crimes and falls into a deep pit of despair that he can see no way out of. That is, until he meets his cellmate Tyrone.
Tyrone patiently begins to help Shakir to come to terms with the way his life has gone. He teaches him about God and contrition and before long Shakir can see that there is hope. After all he has been through and the setbacks he has endured, perhaps, finally, he can redeem himself and win back the thing he wants more than anything else.
But will Shakir make the ultimate sacrifice to get his family back? Is he ready to give his life back to Christ? And will he find God in the midst of the storm?

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