I had my whole life planned out on a blueprint

But for a while I was an unspoken nuisance

And intruder so my effort was useless

So in the meantime I was also clueless

I never meant to harm her

But because I did unintentionally

Eventually I had to deal with

Her mother named Karma

And now I have heart and head trauma

Heart racing with headaches

I’m dead weight

But I am the one that caused all of this drama

And now I take the consequence like compliments

Thank you Lord for the blessings

And the stressing

I have finally learned my lesson

Two wrong don’t make a right

That’s why she left

I hope she’s happy with her progression

In the arms of someone else

As for me… I am sol with an “o”

Fair winds and following seas to me

As I hover above the smoke in the breeze

Of my burning soul

Ashes to ashes and not to mention dust

I will go quietly

No need to make a fuss….


No love lost…. just a lot of harm done…. but I deserve it

And you deserve it… you’re happy… that is all that matters

Be blessed.


“This piece is not written from any particular perspective and there are no personal events mentioned.”


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