I saw Peter walking on the water

Step by step toward Jesus

With each step the storm raged

All the more vicious and violent

His faith dwindled

He began to sink and cried

Save me

Jesus saved Peter…

Janet had the door slammed in her face

From job to job

She couldn’t provide for her to son

And she was pregnant with a daughter

She ended up committing suicide

It rained all day the day she was buried

Jesus didn’t save her

We are on the brink of blessings 

Many times but because we can’t stop stressing

We miss them , dismiss them

Never learning life lessons

Walking around dead trying to make a living

Screaming “yolo” rocking polo but for the Lord we are a no show

Then expect for blessings to fall in our laps like the dances we get at clubs

No endurance to endure

No faith to be sure

So I have one question…

Sink or swim?

It’s your storm.

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