​I’m a wounded animal 

A phrase that is colloquial

But most don’t know I mean it

Spiritual and literal so I used lyrical

I know it sounds biblical

No weapon formed against me

Shall prosper but clay can still

Be broken down at the hands of the Potter

Situations of discrimination and tribulation have led to 

Internal indignation and I pain

Because of my imagination 

Thinking I had a chance to soar high

But I forgot I was torn down by those

Who supposedly supported me

But never actually checked on me or replied

So I cashed out and lashed out

Became a heathen

Some even thought my mom borrowed Satan’s semen

Because of me being mischievous and vehement people would often see

And mistake me for a demon

But I built an unnoticed rhetorical fortress to hide my pain

To shield me as I let go of any and everything

Call this self inflicted but I had to add to what had been done

In order to grow or maybe even die…

Will y’all then reply?

Will you then support me when I’m sleeping in my grave?

Or just talk about my hard work ethic and the way I used to behave…

I have battled life hard but it’s time to accept defeat

As everyone leaves me for dead…

The beaten beast. 

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