Been a poet going on 6 years now

Through these 6 years it’s a lot I found out

I’m not where I want to be but I still have blessings

I’d rather do it right than change my ways and be messy

There’s many that do so and get all of the publicity

The money and the fame but they’re still dead spiritually

So where do they go when they leave this world physically

That’s something they don’t think about because they’re blind mentally

I could give two tears in a bucket about likes on a picture

I’d rather get one like knowing I reached someone with a scripture

We all want the dream of celebrity careers

But they even have funerals in sold out arenas

So here’s to us dreamers take the message and the method

And you may never be renowned to the world but rather rejected

My hat goes off to Lupe, J. Cole and Kendrick

For telling the truth even though no one wants to hear it

We’re caught up in facebook likes the latest clothes and Jordan’s

So much that bills are just being hoarded

Living carefree nasty and unresponsive

Kids up to your ears at your moms house while you’re at clubs and concerts

Gangsta for life and never leaving the hood

Constantly holding on to what you could and what you should 

Have done but now it’s done only because you didn’t listen

You slept on the message face the consequences of your decisions

I’ll never beg for support. Honestly I should have to

But that’s the way it is when you have everyone mad at you

But I’m slowly coming up and I’m still not changing

To grave I’m staying the same…

Forget money and fame. 

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