Predestined before birth upon this earth

To serve a divine purpose and give

The good blessing and evil a curse through my words

And before I return this body to the dirt

I plan on using the gift given

And milking it for everything it’s worth

You can’t elevate the heavy

You can’t come up with burdens

That’s why some things and people have to go

I know, growing pains are disturbing

But I would rather the enemy body me

And I get carried away

Before I become a hypocrite, liar

Or let fear make me tarry a day

Dropping wisdom on the old and young

Yes this is the case

Though people still don’t believe the truth

So we still debate

But it keeps rhythm in my pen and

The lyrics don’t fade

Syllables echo in your ears

For years every day

There are no tricks this is it

Like I spit in your face

Though many may not listen or support

My gift I’ll never trade

A writer for life…

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  • Steffy Posted July 26, 2016 8:59 pm

    Love it! I especially love the line ‘I plan on using the gift given and milking it for everything it’s worth’.

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