World wars with bodies slain and ships sinking

A civil war because of disagreements left us blinking

Hoping for new reality but fallacy is what the scene is

Because we focus on color instead of what a human being is

A country skinned in love but hatred runs through the bloodstream

Discrimination and now assassination seem to be the only things

That we see on the news and in our own neighborhoods

Who has war against each other for being misunderstood?

I thought the first amendment gave me freedom of speech?

Now life is sucked out of my right

By police officer leech

The same that tell me to remain silent

Before I get beat

But some of us do have attitudes

Because we weren’t beat

Tragedies shouldn’t be the only times where we come together

We should stay together so we could all be better

Praying, helping, supporting, encouraging

Instead of being jealous and for self… That’s discouraging

Let’s quit looking at color and who has a uniform

And move as one unit where we are uniformed

And if you’re not on board you will drown in the flood

Because I don’t care what you do…

You have nothing without love


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  • Whitney Posted July 21, 2016 1:03 am

    I love it. Keep it going

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