For years my hands have been tied

Enslaved to corruption while trying to be constructive

Criticism came from all sides

But no one was willing to help me do the dishes

Just wanted me to throw it all away

After eating my words

That I would be successful one day

Thinking that my people at least

Would lift me

Either they had weak shoulders…

Or our basis was not to shine together

But only for them to do better

So I’ve cut those ties and

Shot up both middle fingers

I should have known five years ago

That not too/two many were really for/four me

Nor would I be an asset to those

Whom I come in contact with often

You’d think this would be in reverse

But this is how everything played out

So I had to stop, pause and think…

Then fast-forward in my mind to

Where I am trying to get

Everyone can’t go…

Everyone can’t stay…

There’s limited space

And I’m tired of people living rent free

It’s spring…

It’s time to clean house

It’s time…

To clean up

So I can have room for what is mine.




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