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Sometimes I wish I was a

Superhero to fight these crimes

That I see on the local news

Which now has more drama than lifetime

Increasing their ratings and

Decreasing our babies’

Chances of ever

Being successful in this nation

Showing our bodies; Destroying our minds

Killing our spirits; Erasing our kind

Looking for love when we don’t even love ourselves

Looking for worth in others because

We don’t about worth within self

Nor esteem which is now determined by

How many likes we get on a picture

Distracted by fake compliments and profiles

Made by catfish you’ll never meet

And you still don’t see the big picture

Close your legs and open your mind

Get your heads out of your behinds

And stop trying to make someone look at your behind

Pull your pants up and be hands down

The best at whatever you do

If none of you are going anywhere

It’s time for a new crew

But it’s not about just you

But you need to focus on you

And help others when you can…

Lets quit lying to others and ourselves…

Can we live in spirit and truth?

Or did these words fall of deaf ears

And I wasted my breath

And it’s no use?

Did you hear me?

Do you feel me?


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