Being wise beyond my years
Confuses me at times
Because I have to figure out
How to dry my internal tears
From the depression
Of seeming to be isolated
Even in a room full of people
You know them but do not
They admire but you feel no
They think you’re happy but in
You feel out of place like a
Secluded because of age differences
Looked at sideways because of
Your goals and hobbies
It feels like being the only
Black male with a room
Full of whites in a lobby
And your peers are nowhere
To be found
Not do you connect with them either
Living sometimes doesn’t even seem
To be possible
Because everywhere I go…
And everyone I talk to…
Makes me feel awkward

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  • Whitney Posted July 10, 2016 9:22 pm

    I love this. This one speaks to me .

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