My heart is beating gas

Producing fire through my veins

Spitting meteors of words

Leaving craters in your brains

I am an astronomical basket case

Out of this world crazy

Which is why I stay quiet

Until the ignorant and arrogant awaken me

My first job was a servant of God

And ever since I was hired

My coworkers and family have been against me

Trying to get me fired

Cutting my hours and in denial

That what they’re dong is vile

And still in my face with a  smile…

Call this scenario Empire

But it’s game over heathens

I win! It’s over

You can suck on my joystick

Because I am the controller!

No waving white flags

No calling a truce

Because war never ends

So it doesn’t end with you

Because of your pyramid schemes

And your thoughtless manipulation

I premeditate how I can piss on you

Call it pre-cipitation

I hate to rain on your parade

But I can’t just walk away

I lost money and I have to make it back

So since you won’t pay me back

Lay back… Because payback.. is coming

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