To keep afloat in today’s world, many of us have to work.  We work jobs that we hate sometimes but it pays the bills. We labor all day and night sometimes just to make ends meet or get as close as we can. Yet, I have something I would like to ask.

You see, I grew up on food stamps.  My mother got a check because she is in deed disabled.  My father was not there but she did not put him on child support.  Rather, I had a stgepfather come in and teach me how to be a man. I am not saying I am against child support, WIC, food stamps, section 8 or any other government assistance program.  Yet, I rather just have some questions.

If you re on these programs…. WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT!?!

Many like me do not get food stamps. I am not on Sections 8 housing.  I never got child support and yes I work Monday through Friday to make ends meet. Yet, I see those who work with me Monday through  Friday, make more than me and they are indeed on these programs and they complain about being broke.

Yet, I see you in new outfits, you have new hair styles every week, and the children are getting clothes hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, shoes, and luxuries and have done nothing to deserve them besides say they want it. Yet, you complain.

So,,, to the father on child support who pays faithfully but does not get to see his kids like he wishes… To the single mother doing it all on her own with no food stamps of Section 8. To the families and individuals who were denied these programs because it is said you make too much but you see people making more than you on these programs… how does this make you feel?

For those on the programs… what are you doing to one day get off?  That is what it was designed for… to help you until you can help yourself.




  • Tamina Bacon Posted June 9, 2016 12:21 pm

    Great discussion point! I feel like the government has a weird way of qualifying for these programs! I also believe a lot of people use these programs as a crutch with no intentions of eventually doing better and moving past the program. We need to find a better way to regulate this so the people that really need the benefits can be helped!

    • deferential777 Posted June 9, 2016 12:32 pm

      I agree. Instead of it being government assistance programs it has become government dependent programs.

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