Proverbs 11:9The Message (MSG)

The loose tongue of the godless spreads destruction;
    the common sense of the godly preserves them.

I was having a conversation the other day about a family member of mine with a Co-worker. I did not know that another Co-worker was in a similar situation.

That Co-worker walked past our conversation and started to give me a piece of their mind. They told me if I had something to say to them or about them say it to them. Being the patient person I am, I waited and later reveals to them I was speaking of a family member.

Oh, how low and embarrassed this person felt, yelling, and spreading their own business throughout the workplace for no reason at all.

I told this story because I wanted to give you an example of what a loose tongue gets you. It’s better to listen and learn before you speak always.

I charge us today to simply listen. Hearken to the voice of God! Learn something new today! Do something new today! Be blessed!

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