long roadSometimes I am under

Sometimes I am over

Underutilized, Under-minded

Underestimated, Underpaid…

Overworked, Overlooked

Overbearing, Overwhelmed…

Feelings shot to shit

While I sit on the toilet and think

Straining and asking why do I strain?

Why do I pain?

Why is fame attained by the inhumane

And my gift is involuntarily contained?

I have sacrificed so much

Only for them to ask for

More from me for less

All I ask for is a little reciprocation

And that they cut the manipulation

The favoritism and lies

But I’m tired of talking though

It’s getting me nowhere

So I will no longer reply

To those with power who seem to be high

On the food chain

Nor to those I have realized are

For my demise

I guess it’s time to

Venture and discover a place

Where I can be me

Where I can find solace

Where I am accepted

Where I have value

And that journey…

Begins now.



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