Never had a night quite like that..

Euphoric and ecstatic

She climbed into bed when I was

Languid and started licking the back of my neck

Her arm journeyed around my

Body, Gliding her hand up and

Down my torso

She turned me over on my back

Resuscitating my body though I was still

Out of it

As if I were high on hallucinogens

I just knew I was still dreaming

Hot, ready and now swollen in

My love below area

I turn her wile she is on top of me

And begin the procedure

My light stroke seemed

To almost give her a light stroke

She couldn’t finish sentences…

She sweated profusely

As did I  while she kissed me passionately

And our fluids mixed

Onto the sheets

She wasted no time letting me know

What she wanted

Must have been an emergency

No doctor needed though…

I got this.


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