Coming from nothing

I had to do something to gain anything

And everything I have attained

And gained now has

All come from consistent pain….

Growth… being uncomfortable

Elevated above gossip

Hoisted above drama

Boosted to argue but

Platformed to walk away

The bigger person

Lied to by so called friends

Who only found me for favors

But disappeared when God found

Favor upon me

Won’t even support something

I have for free but they’ll

Pay to throw money away in clubs

And on things that will pass away

Then I realized we are simply on

Different levels….

I am socially awkward because

Of what I am

Not who I am…

Distinguished… Reputable…

Eloquent… Prominent

So someone who doesn’t think on

My level supporting me is not probable

But if I said I was a rapper or a dj…

If I were slanging drugs in my local hood

If I smoked weed with them and partied and drank

I would have support galore

I chose to live life in style

Instead of living a lifestyle

So it leaves me shunned from my peers

And makes others stay away

That’s fine with me

Regardless I leave a legacy behind

Whether you want to help me move forward

Or not

I will be successful

I will make it

While you stay still living in the hood

Saying you could have made it

Remember the one who wrote this

Quote it impose it

But don’t jump on the bandwagon

When I blow up because

The fact that you didn’t give a damn

When I was in your face locally…

Is duly noted….

Thanks for the motivation.

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