Damn… what a story
For me poetry is over
Seems like the only way
Someone would give a shit
Is if I were a toilet
Maybe the way I write is boring
Or just way to rhetorical
Or metaphorical
All no know is I feel horrible
Wasted six years chasing a dream
Turned to a nightmare
Only to learn that this world
And it’s people never fight fair
Tricks after treats
Trials after trades
My enemies have it made
Which are friends that used me
And now they’re paid
Walking around chasing people
Who they know don’t care
While I was chasing a goal
So high in the air
When I looked down
My foot was a cloud
And then it was a slow descent
To the ground which
Gave me time to find out
Who was there for me
Apparently they saw the tragedy
About to happen and walked away
Because they didn’t
Want to embarrass me
But now that I sit here broken
To pieces full of madness
Because this is so embarrassing
So I hang up the mic
And put down the pen
Thanks for no support
And giving me a misery with no end
Another dream crushed by society
And fake ass friends
Who want to be in your business
But hate when you have business
About yourself… hmph some friends…
I look back and I don’t regret my efforts
I look forward and in the distance
There are blessings
I held on as long as I could
But the ink is finally gone
Ribbon broken… race ended
No medal though…
But good run.

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