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Lord I’m at wit’s end

I might as well rope my neck

And wait on death to find me

I’m literally dying trying  to live now

Where are you God!?!

You said you’d be with me always!

You said in Jeremiah that you know

The plans you have for me

Are these your plans!?!

Plans to toy with me and

And have everyone lie,

Take from me and hang

Me out to dry!?!

You said in Luke that

Nothing is impossible with you!

But I don’t see a possibility

Of making it out of this!

You told me in Romans that nothing

Formed against me shall prosper!

But where is my prosperity!?!

Where are my blessings!?!

Why Lord!?!

Why am I down so low!?!

Why am I the tail end of it all?

Where is my protection!?! My Savior!?!

Forgive me Father…

Your word doesn’t say I

Will not go through

Your word doesn’t say I won’t be attacked

Your word never spoke of

Me not having to endure pain

Forgive me Lord

I’m mad at you

About things…

You never said.



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