Twice the work…

Half the pay

Others do…

Half the work…

For twice the pay

Gossip laugh and play all day

And get paid

While I’m stressing trying

To keep faith that God will make a way

Day in and day out four hours a day

While others sit on the clock

And make bank

Overworked… Unappreciated

Underutilized and Underestimated

They are really bringing me under…

And I don’t under…stand why

So I keep to myself now

And keep my mouth shut

As I walk past the favoritism

And biased actions and antics

I shall overcome

And I will be gone soon

I will soon rise above

Fried baloney sandwiches

And noodles for dinner

I will soon rise above asking for

An extension on bills

I will soon rise above

Having to play their games

And I can tell them to suck my joystick

No more penny raises

While I make a company hundreds of thousands

No more selfish coworkers

And cut hours

No more aches and pains

And neglect of employees

I shall live in poverty no more

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