I love you…
You have love for me
I was willing to give you everything
But you have already given that
To another
Yet you trying hide it in my face
By saying he’s your best friend
I understand trying to protect
My feelings
But you also know I hate liars

We as humans always want what we can’t have
I guess that’s what got me here
It angers us
We get frustrated by simply
Not be able to overcome
Or control a situation or person
But I don’t want to control you
I want to hold you
Console you
Grow old with you

Yet you tell me no…
So in order to let go
I had to grab something
I have no in between
You won’t let me love you
So to release myself
From that emotional chain
I now hate you…

I would say I’m sorry but you
Brought this on yourself
And it’s the only way I can cope
I know you don’t understand
You never did…

Never say I didn’t try though.

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