In the spiritual I am impenetrable

Physically prototypical

Emotionally a mystery

And mentally I try to stay invisible


Because I know I am socially awkward

A basket of cases

And I have become content with that

Due to the contents of my heart

I am looked at strange

Constantly wondered about

And even ridiculed and debated upon

In conversation I have never take part in

Because I am me

Like no other…



I’m a one of a kind

Not one in a million

If I were one in a million

There would be one like me in the next million

I don’t follow trends I follow my soul

Who I am within…

I am an original not a carbon copy

Though I have mentors that instruct me

I don’t follow footsteps; I create footprints

I unapologetically travel my own path

To build my own legacy

I don’t shun the triumphs of my forefathers or immediate family

I wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate them

But I understand God created me to be uniquely me

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