2 Timothy 1:7New King James Version (NKJV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind

I have found that in life many of us want to do more. We want to experience more. We want to have more and even leave more behind for our loved ones to enjoy once we go on to glory. Yet many of us let things hold us back. Here are the main three I have seen:

1. Fear.

       We are so afraid to try because we are so afraid to fail. Bankruptcy, humility and being in predicaments that are hard to come back from scare us tremendously. Therefore we stay in a comfortable place for years and become stuck working jobs we hate barely making ends meet and relying on the government.

2. Lazy

       Not only are we afraid to try but when we see the amount of work it takes to have something and how long it takes sometimes, we mentally defeat ourselves from the start and again never even think about trying and later say we should have or could have or would have.

3.  Self-Esteem

       We are so afraid to be different. We see our friends in one place where they are content and comfortable and we want to be like them. They don’t want more and they don’t want you to have more so you end up struggling happily together at dead end jobs because your confidence level is based on how many friends you have or how many people approve of what you do. So since you never felt you were worth more than where you are they never felt you are more than where you are either.

I dare us today to get up and start looking towards a goal we have. Don’t look at the amount of work. Don’t even ask friends about it. Definitely don’t be afraid. Today is the day. Let’s get moving! Be blessed.

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