Many see me and gaze in wonder. They see my face and they see my actions and wonder why I am the way I am. Almost not approachable. Almost as if I’d kill you if you even look at me.  Do you really want to know why I’m like this?  I’ll let you into my world…

There was a time where I couldn’t even

Look at myself

The pain was too great to bare

As I would force myself to glance

At my naked truth with my naked eye

Embarrassing and disappointing to say the least

Scarred mentally, spiritually and emotionally

Humility was my name

And vulnerability became my biggest hate

After countless acts of being used, abused

Rejected, oppressed, tricked…

Taken for granted after giving everything

I grew weary in well-doing

AsI thought of my well-being

So I decided to become calloused

My heart is still warm and open

But there is a shield over it now

You see I am open…

Just in my own way

Take a look into my eyes next time you see me

If they are white you’re alright

If they are yellow proceed with caution

If they are red… need I say it?

My apologies for coming off mean or rude

But there are ruthless people

In this world

I have to protect me somehow


I’m not mean…

I’m just guarded.



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  • Kellie Thomas Posted March 4, 2016 1:36 am

    Story of my life!

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