I’ve been knocked down..

So low that the bottom is looking down at me

Reaching to the left and right only to find air

As I breathe in and out slowly

A sigh of depression and despair

But not a give in…

But not a give up…

I’ve never asked anyone for anything

Because I came from nothing

And I’m not about to start

And I’m going to give my everything

Until God says I’m finished

Rejected, declined

Subjected subsided

All words I have been

But I know that I have a gift

That is divine

And no one is paying attention

But that doesn’t mean I pull back

I push forward

I have invested too much

Into people and myself

Even if they don’t believe in me

Or show support

I have my own back

Don’t download the app!

Don’y buy the books!

But when I make it and I don’t mention you

Or give you a shout out

Don’t give me dirty looks

And don’t look at me sideways

When you don’t get a mention

There will be no room on my bandwagon either…

Just respect his eminence

I’m great… with or without you.

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