I have put people first always before myself

And given them my last

I have given support, encouragement

Time, advice, even cash

To most I thought would have my back

Only to realize in the back by them I’d be stabbed

Using me until I’m useless

Trying to lie to me like I’m clueless

But I continue to be kind and

Do the right thing in spite of

You just…. don’t understand

Favor after favor

Sacrifice after sacrifice

I don’t ask for much from people

But I guess I have all of my blessings

Waiting in the afterlife

Because when it’s time for me to

Lean on someone I always end up

Flat on my face

I don’t give to be given to

But an act of gratitude is simple

But we live in a selfish world

Correction… we live in a world

Full of selfish people

Quick to ask, slow to give

Celebrate you when you die

Act like you’re dead while you live

So I give… up.

I’m tired of being rejected

And being the exception never accepted

So I’m not helping anyone else

But myself…


Love is an action… it reciprocates…

I gave it out… none came back…

I have to save some for me.

But don’t act like you love me later…

When I come up.

Because I’m going to tell you…

You should have loved me

All the way to the top.

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