the-burden-of-secrets-overcoming-depression_0.jpgI’m supposed to be the security

The safety net

The one with all the answers

The breadwinner…

But I’m lost…

On how I can be these things

When the harder I work

The less hours I get at work

The more I do the less I’m paid

The more I cry

The more I get dry greetings and responses from people

Whom say they care

And have my best interest

But the only interest you have in me

Is the interest you’re making off of me

You cut me to four hours a day

For five days a week

Coming up to two weeks of working

Amounting to one check that can’t even pay rent

How is that mathematically correct?

And I still have to face the world

With some sense of pride and say

“I’m trying”

Which in a sense by many I will be well-respected

But outdoors or living with someone

I never asked for it all

Just my rightful piece of the pie

Then they wonder why we sell drugs

And kill and steal and destroy

Call us devils.. but you never gave the angel a chance

These are just some

Of the burdens of being a man


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