I look around and say this is the day that the Lord has made

And these days within this month we celebrate  the paths our ancestors and forefathers have paved

The toil, the turmoil, the whips mental and physical chains, doubt, negativity, humility, disdain…

They say black represents loneliness, it is the absence of color, it is typically associated with negativity

What they don’t tell you is… black also represents strength, seriousness, power, authority

Take a look at all the colors of a rainbow

Beautiful are they not? But do you ever see black?

In actuality, you do.

You see if you put all of the colors together you form… black

Now this is where I need the crowd to pass my test,

Much like those who have gone before us have

Passed many tests so we could be here today

But unlike them, I am gong to give you the answers today

The answers to all of the questions… is black

When I fill out my application for a job I am proud to check the box that says (Black)

When I sign up for a credit card or do a survey I am proud to check the box that says (Black)

When people ask me what ethnicity I am I don’t lie and say I’m Indian I tell them I’m (Black)

When I look at the pictures in a coloring book, regardless of what color I shade in the outline is (Black)

When I look at my car the tires are (Black)

When I look at white people tanning in the back of my mind I’m saying they wish they could  be (Black)

When I look at my President I am proud to be (Black)

They couldn’t do it without us ya’ll and they can’t keep us down, simply because we’re (Black)

Let’s not only celebrate legacies brothers and sisters… Let’s leave some of our own

Thank you.




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