I thought I was born normal…

But normal must not be normal

Ether I think on a different level

Or someone fed my thoughts growth hormones

I grew up socially awkward

Shunned and scorned for discerning

Every new fad for fad for fictional

Confidence leaving people in aw and…

I walked alone mostly…

Not by choice but because no one

Could figure me out

And often wondered where I come from

I could never find comfort

Not even between my own sheets

In which I leaked tears

Straining trying to hold them back

That’s why my arms are so strong

I was so scared to live

Just like now because I give

My heart and soul

Which is deemed old

Because my knowledge shows that

I am wise beyond my years

I can’t even associate with anyone my age

Misunderstood by my peers

Scared to hold conversations

Because of the awkwardness

So I stay quiet in fear

So my pen is my best friend

A unconditional love between us

Because regardless she has always been here

I know it’s probably weird

To most people but that’s okay

Because that’s been me to most people

My whole life…

So I am used to being looked at sideways

And wondered about

It’s been happening for years…

Which is why I stay to myself.


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  • Jontue Posted January 30, 2016 10:16 pm

    I like this one Rowdy!! Great job!

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