Let me tell you a story…


I see the little drummer boy

On Sunday morning

Beating with his heart

As if his life depended on it

He speaks with the sticks

Words of power and dignity

Though so young

Yes he truly lives while many of us

Are ghosts, living in the past

Never moving forward

To lazy to ever chase anything truly

Worth something

Life is a nightmare because

You gave up on your dream

Because you were afraid not

Realizing danger will come

Whether seen or unseen

It’s inevitable… like fate

You cannot escape the bad of life

But you don’t have to let the bad

Become your life

Little drummer boy played a base drum


And now he has to choose what

Shoes to put on in the morning

He endured the midnight

And not seeing his way

Seeing a way…

While many went away…

And fell by the wayside

Family got tired of him beating

Those drums but he beat on

Friends got annoyed with him

But he beat on

Even when he got tired….

He beat on

And now…. he is renowned

By those whom he does not know

Because those who knew him

Did not see the gift he had

Because they weren’t able to even see their own

Don’t let people put their

Glasses on you… you may go blind

Face that fear…

Chase that dream…

Harness that doubt within yourself

And from others into an attempt

To make something great happen

You don’t have to….

Because life is full of choices

That only you can make for yourself

But don’t say you weren’t

At least encouraged

By the words of an old soul…

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