It feels like an occupation

While you’r trying to get a new job

It feel like discrimination

Sometimes when you ask for things from God

Not to mention she’s in my ear

Reminding of past endeavors

While I’m trying to do better

But it feels like the nagging will last forever

I was stupid, I was clueless

I had knowledge but I didn’t use it

But not I am on the right track

But the train is running hot

So cool it

You want to leave you say?

Go ahead. I am not going to fight

Yes it will hurt

But I’m going to keep doing what’s right

He may offer more

Have more money and he may even

Make love better

But is he going to stay with you

In the times of stormy weather?

Will he handle your attitude?

Your grudges?  Your baggage?

In that case awesome?

I’m tired of the stress

He can have it

I wish you all the best with him

I’m going to keep pushing

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